Friday, December 12, 2008

Finally something to talk about

I haven't done much lately.
I read like crazy. And if you noticed I keep a tab on the side to what I'm currently reading, which lately I have been going through a book in like, 2 days, sometimes less depending on the thickness of it.

I also go tomorrow morning, early, to a local campus because...........I AM GOING BACK TO SCHOOL! again.....Classes start Feb 9th....for 21 months.

I went to school in Sweden last year, took 2 semesters in Language even though I have 11 years experience in being a chef, I decided I should actually go to school for it..why not? It will be soooo fun!

I will be getting a degree in Culinary Arts and Restaurant I'm getting the whole freaking deal rolled into one....From running a place to cooking for one. I've done both...but not for HUGE places so...we'll see...for $40,000 it beter be worth it!

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Maja said...

That sounds great! Congratulations :) I'm sure it'll be great!

My friend's sister is doing a degree in gastronomical science in Italy at the moment. It just shows how dedicated you are to your art that you are going to further your studies.