Sunday, December 14, 2008

More school stuff

So I went to the school and paid the application fee and Tuesday I have to take the entrance exam.. I got to look at the class rooms, or kitchens I should say and the school run restaurant. I got to try on my chef's outfit i'll have to wear and also got a peek at the knife...the beautiful knife set i'll own.

I'm freaking excited!!!

So after the entrance exam, which you don't have to pass (they just wanna see what you know in the kitchen, for those who never worked in one before etc etc...)....I'll set up my appointment with the financial advisors to discuss what grants and loans i'll receive.....January 24th is orientation and February 9th will be my 1st day at school.

The class will be small because of it being in the evening, which is good, more one on one teacher time. She also asked me what restaurant I would love to work for in my externship..I said Symposium of course!!!! Dying to work there...she smiled and said "Well it turns out that your head teacher is the Head chef there! I see you'll be able to get your externship there and he can get you a job there as well..."


The restaurant is magnificent and the service is great and the few times I ate there not only did I go broke but the Ostrich was WONDERFUL!

I'm giddy like a 10 year old....can't help it. I've dreamed of working for Symposium since forever....I can't believe my teacher is head chef there..wooott!!

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