Thursday, December 18, 2008


THIS is my school and the program I will be going through and what my degree will be, what i'll god what a list!!!!!!!!

I took my entrance exam on Tuesday and got 92 out of 100 for the reading comprehension and I got a B on the math section. Which shocked the hell out of me because when it started, I seen math that I had NOT done in school ever. And I don't mind saying it's been what...15 years since I went to school? It's not the same. The math freaked me out and I'm good at math, but I swear some of it was calculus.
Either way I got mail yesterday that says congrats! I am officially enrolled :)

My birthday is Tuesday so this is my birthday present to me! I'll be 33!!!! shit.

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Maja said...

Woohoo, that's all awesome! Congratulations!