Saturday, December 20, 2008

I did it

Sometimes I don't know when to leave well enough alone.
I say something and realize I am JUST like someone else.
I've picked up their habits and say almost the same things that person did, but I don't realize it until the words are out of my mouth.

Then I get to thinking.
I get curious.
And I try to thank someone.
I don't mean to bring up old pains, but I know thats exactly what I have done.
It's not what I intended. I just want to know if everyone is ok.
What are they doing now..
How is everyone?
How is the dog???? My god the dog!

Well, just by saying Thank you for teaching me something about myself, I have dragged up old hurts. It kills me.

It really kills me.
You can always wish things were different but once you've done something, you can't turn back the clock and change it.
Time machines don't exist.

I am a terrible person.

Jag önskar att jag kan bo i Sverige igen.
Jag vet det kan inte händer, men....jag har drömmar

1 comment:

Maja said...

You are not a terrible person. No way.