Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I am so tired right now that I don't know why I am starting a post when I should be going to bed. I guess for a quick update....

I have 2 pairs of socks that are almost done, they are both for me, and then onto the pair I am making for my oldest sister anyways..I was told today...which one? you never say which sister and you have like 4!!!

haha..yes yes...well...

As for exciting news, My baby sister Cristy has gotten married today...on a live radio station, they even got the recording from the show, which is good seeing as she is far away south in the Army and we are up in the north-east...and we didn't know about it till yesterday and 8.30 this morning she was getting hitched...!!

So we got to listen to it and see a few pictures which was nice.

Left to right:
Guy from the radio show, Christopher, & my baby sis Cristy....
before they tied the knot.

After they said 'I do'...They are both crazy!!!

Funny thing I just remembered....They bought the 2 hosts of the radio show Burger King food..haha!!!!!!!!! Thats what they took in....weird!! But I hope these two Army brats are happy together! Peace, Love & Chicken grease XxXx

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