Sunday, December 27, 2009

I ALMOST!.... engaged for Christmas. It was what I was hoping for, however the reason it didn't happen?

I had told Brad that I didn't want to even think about getting married because lets face it, it didn't exactly work out for me before.

Over time I had changed my mind. He had made me want to change my mind because he is such a great wonderful man who is also my best friend. He is what I have been looking for forever. I tried to leave some hints so he would see that I was up to it now, however I wasn't obvious enough. I didn't want to come out and tell him because I wanted it to be a surprise so I wouldn't know.

So he had some issues and said he needed to discuss them with me but he didn't know if I wanted to even discuss it because he thought the outcome would be bad, like me leaving him kinda bad. I told him to tell me anyways. He said "Well I wanted to ask you to marry me on Christmas day but I was afraid you would say no and that would kill me and then you would leave me"

Holy crap!!!!!!!! I was hoping for that exactly...Xmas day!!!!!!!!!!....So I told him how I tried to leave hints etc...he became a very happy man, and the day after Christmas when we went to the mall, we walked past Kay Jewelers and he pushed me inside and told me to show him what I like, and to get my finger sized.....he said I won't know when he's going to ask...or when he's bought the ring or anything.

I'm so happy!

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