Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Not much to say

I'm not sure what to write today..or tonight I should say.
My cat has lost his mind, thats one thing...and oh so freakin true!

Tipps sleeping on my bed. I thought he was dead at first..lol
There is just something wrong with this monster!

Lets see....I started another pair of socks thats the color of lettuce, in fact thats the name of the color and I LOVE it!!! I also bought yarn that is orange-spice. I just wanted something different. So one pair for me, one for my sister. She loves the other pair I made her and I just finished up her (Mariah) hoody-sweater. Took it to her house tonight and she was pleased :)

Although she asked me NOT to put her face on here because she was ready for bed when I dropped it off tonight..haha..Looked like she was in bed all day!
It turned out ok.

Tomorrow I will be 34...Ick. I don't care to celebrate either. Moms not with us anymore so whats the point? It's no fun without her.

Oh I had a dentist appointment this morning. I love my dentist because he causes me no pain. I don't ever feel the needle so he's good. But after 25 minutes & 2 fixed teeth & $301....I was back to work..ouch on the wallet. Anywho. I'm going to bed. Sleepy

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