Monday, January 4, 2010


Currently on my list of to do things are finish all the socks that I have started. I can get one done, then the other takes forever. However I am TRYING to get better at just pushing through and getting the second finished.

Currently on the needles....

Yarn Harlots: Earl Grey
Malabrigo sock yarn in *Lettuce*
Size 1 circulars, magic loop method.

Taina Anttila's : Paraphernalia
Cascade yarns heritage solid in *Snow*
Size 1 circulars, magic loop method.

I'm waiting to start a pair for my sister....
Soon as I have a set of needles free. Hers will be :

Natalja's : Primavera
Pagewood Farm Yukon in *Orange Spice*

I have a few things lined up in my Ravelry queue. However if I can just get past the socks, I might actually manage to get that sweater done for my boyfriend that he's been asking me for, before winter is actually over! It's designed by Drops Design. Very simple, should be a quick knit. And he wants the colors to pretty much be what you see in the picture.

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