Monday, January 4, 2010

I'm a bit late....

My ever so sweet and thoughtful boyfriend got me something for Christmas that I have waited on forever, to go with my Ashford spinning wheel. Of course you can spin fleece and what-not...but what fun is it to make your own yarn if you can't clean it too, right?

So onward we go, finally, to the gift that Brad got me this year....
Well maybe it's just me, but when I give something that I have made, and I mean truely made, I want to say that I have cleaned out the gunk, the hay, and whatever else those sheep and alpacas pick up..veggie matter they call it. I want it to really be done 100% by me. I now officially have every tool I need to clean, spin, wash, dye, wind and knit my very own yarn.

Next Christmas...I want a table heddle loom. My hobby is getting a weee bit expensive..haha Maybe I better buy the loom for myself! A treat to me from me.

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