Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Well it's going to be another fast one as yesterday was spent mostly in the kitchen.
I was trying to make a nice dinner for everyone as I do pretty much every Saturday. Thats the day I go out of my way making the most expensive meal I can...kinda funny. However this week wasn't too bad. But lets just say the bread pudding was quite costly for something that is usually pretty cheap to make.

I made my desert first so I had the oven free for other things. This was the most expensive part of the meal because I used real vanilla beans which are no where near cheap. However it was LOVELY! And the difference between using real vanilla beans compared to the extract was a huge difference.

It was an English recipe from one of my friends living in London, and the top of it had a bit of orange marmalade on it, and also it had orange butter on each slice too before I baked it. It was not overpowering, in fact it was just a hint of orange that made it so lovely.

I also made some new baby potatoes with garlic, rosemary, olive oil, sea salt & black pepper...This is where I started but forgot to take pictures once I got really

And of course some lovely fresh asparagus that I sautéed. It was delicious!

I did also make some nice beef steaks and a Bearnaise sauce to go with it for my meal.

As for the knitting part of my days, I had to stop with the socks I was making for my sister because I was not getting anywhere with them and it was making me quite mad. I don't know the deal with them why I couldn't do it. It was as though I forgot how to make socks..haha. Now I started a pair of fingerless mittens for her instead, only to now find out that I need sport weight yarn and not fingering weight.. GREAT!!! I am guessing either a: they will be to small or b: I should recast back on before I get much further and add some stitches.

I'm about to give up altogether. I never have this many problems when knitting.

Either way...Happy Sunday!


Aileen said...

Mmmmm you are making me hungry just looking!!

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