Monday, February 1, 2010

The Bainbridge Hat

Been working since yesterday on a new pattern. I would have liked to of been done by now, but writing everything up while I am knitting it...isn't always easy...sigh*

And I already told Brad he's my hat model when it's done. He kindly said yes..haha
He's also told his friend all about it, seeing as it's for Larry...but he misunderstood a bit and told Larry some crazy things about he told him it was a Turn-A-Square hat but that I had made some modifications etc etc...

ehhhh no..not the case, the pattern is mine 100% but you know when you explain knitterly things to men they just go blank..haha...he thought all hats were called turn-a-square. Gotta love em'!

Here's a peek at the hat...haha

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