Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lots to do

I kind of set almost everything aside for a little while because a friend was having a baby and I knit a package of things, which by the way should soon be to London!

I'm back on track now though. I have my sisters socks going again. My 2 pair of socks and Hemlock blanket can wait just a little bit. They are only for me :)

For some reason inside the house, Cindy's socks look pink in pictures, but in actuality they are orange, bright orange! It shows up better with the lighting at work :)

I am going to be taking some classes soon. The first is going to be March 7th where I will be learning the continental way to knit. This is in hopes that I can knit way faster and get projects done quickly instead of sloooowwwly by knitting using the English method. This will be at Flying Fibers in Landisville and my teacher just happens to be Swedish! And here I thought there were no swedes around. I am STOKED! I can finally speak face to face with someone in Swedish without having to actually go back to Sweden.

Also at Flying Fibers I will be learning to spin yarn on my Ashford wheel. I can do this already, but I know nothing about ratios, sometimes I over-twist etc etc and basically I just want to perfect my spinning technique, because god knows I have none. On top of it there is spinning taught on a spindle as well. And I get to take home a spindle too! One more thing to add to my collection of knitty goodness. This will be done on a one to one basis. Just me and the teacher :) This I am glad for so I can really concentrate and learn something

Then on May 1st and 2nd is the Maryland sheep and wool festival. I am only going on the 1st because on Sunday I have to have the kids at their dads house and I want to enjoy the entire day there on Saturday. Looking, and oohing and ahhing and spending money on roving and other goodies and the the sheep and such that will be there!. I sure hope I hit the lottery before I go....otherwise I might be sleeping on a bed of fleece and yarn outside in the cold instead of in my warm house. I need to start saving now!

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