Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow blizzard & Knitting Olympics!

The Yarn Harlot had posted THIS on her website and what the heck....I might as well join in. The least thing that will happen is I will finish everything that I have been wanting to finish, then I should be done for the winter. I can then concentrate on my spinning.

Saturday I have a class with Ellen on my Ashford so I can be a better spinner...I'm so excited....this is in hopes that we don't get snowed in yet again.....I measured on Saturday when it finally quit snowing...a full 24" inches! thats 61cm!! The bad thing....It's supposed to start snowing again tomorrow and it's to be another 12in/30cm on top of what we have! And then there is a possibility of more on Saturday..noooooo I want to spin that day! I love winter and all, but my god, spring is in 6 weeks and this stuff needs to dissapear.
Instead of posting anything exciting on my needles....(which it isn't right now anyways) I'll leave you with my weekend snow pictures that caused me to be achy all over today from shoveling....

I tried to re-arrange my pictures accordingly, however Blogger is not allowing it at this time they are out of order.
Neighbor guy on his atv-driving was NOT allowed!
My car after I dug it out. It's the red beast.
Up past my knees!
My dog Griz loving the snow!
My car, when I finally started getting somewhere!

Just starting and deciding whether to go on..haha
My neighbors :)
Early morning: One of those is my car, at this point I wasn't sure which and it was still snowing.
My kitty, Tipps...he was NOT going out the back door..haha


sheknitupthat said...

Wow that is SOME snow!!

Perfect Virgo said...

That's some impressive snow! We've had some low temperatures at times (minus 21C last week) but not the usual snowfalls. There's still 8 weeks or so of possible winter left though!

Ms. Kimba said...

yeah and it's snowing right now again, we are getting dumped on once more..ahhhhhhh!!! Hopefully no work tomorrow..haha

Maja said...

Yep that's some serious snow!

Little M said...


By the way, I'm super jealous of your knitting skills. I'd love to learn!

Ms. Kimba said...

Thanks. I've been doing it a very long time...but with a new baby it would be hard for you thats for sure!