Sunday, March 7, 2010

So sleepy

Well it's been a busy Sunday. I woke at 3am this morning, stayed awake till 5am, fell asleep till just before 7. I have no idea how I am still awake. I got the kids off to their dads early this morning because I had paid for a class so I could learn Continental knitting in hopes to knit faster than I do now.

My teacher, Anna, happens to be Swedish. It was quite the surprise to her when I walked in the room and just started speaking Swedish to her. I said in her mother tongue "Hi, so I understand your Swedish?" She knew I was coming, she had not met me before and the women at the shop knew not to tell about me. The look on her face was priceless and she grinned so largely. We held a very long conversation in her mother language. It felt good to me to speak Swedish. I thought I was rusty, but felt great! Terri, the owner called Ellen into the room because she wanted her to hear our conversation, even though none of them understood a word we said. Terri said it was like watching a foreign film on tv..haha

We got on so well, and for once since being back home in America, I felt like someone understood me. In a lot of ways in my heart I am half Swedish, even though I am American. Thats what happens when you move to a country for a few years that totally engulfs your heart and soul. I have waited 4 weeks to meet this woman. Anna is wonderful and I feel so happy because I never knew that there were ever any Swedes, (or I should say a swede), in the area. I have a new friend :)

After the class with Anna on my way home, I got stuck behind this for 20 minutes. Amish family in a horse & buggy. I couldn't go around them because every time I got over a little hill where I couldn't see, there would be a sharp turn, where again, I couldn't see up ahead.

Saturday I took my 2 sons to the mall so they could hang out with my oldest sons girlfriend. After 2 hours I called Caleb and asked where they were. He said Boscovs, second floor, furniture department. This is how I found Caleb & Hannah...sigh* Chandler was in the recliner. I was shocked that the woman working that department didn't kick my kids out. She should have. Though they weren't doing anything

I bought 3 oz. of Wensleydale fleece at the shop today where I had my class with Anna. I carded some when I came home...actually it's more like I sniffed it, carded some, sniffed it some more...eventually I spun some up, just a sample on my drop spindle (wasn't making enough to get out the wheel) After I plied it I knit it up into a little square, sniffed it again. Something about the smell of sheep..Mmmm Might be stinky when it's on the animal, but after it's been cleaned it smells lovely.

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