Sunday, March 28, 2010


Well I've watched the Formula 1 race in Melbourne on tv and I'm very pleased with the fact that my guy, Jenson Button has won!!!

While I watched qualifying yesterday I wound this up.
Cascade 220 Quatro. I have 2 skeins in Lilac.

I bought it so I could knit up this beautiful cardigan for Vicki's daughter Zara.
This is one someone else had made on Ravelry. It's gorgeous.

So far this is where I am. I would be so much further, but when the race is on I sort of just stop and stare. Especially when there are wrecks..haha Not too bad considering I just started it!
There is nothing to this pattern really. It's all ribbing and increases. I hate purling but I can't escape it as a knitter. So on I go trying to finish as quickly as I can because Zara is a fast growing little 2 year old. I don't want her to get it and then not fit her. (Thats if I do my usual and take a few months to deliver it or knit it) Though her grandmother, who took the measurements for me added a few centimeters on I think. I'd measure her myself but she lives in Europe so I kinda have to go by what they tell me. We'll see what happens!


Frida said...

Oh, that is a nice sweater. Does it come in adult sizes. ;)

Ms. Kimba said...

Yes it does. you can find it here.

Frida said...

I saw, I saw! I have already bought it and started planing. :)

Ms. Kimba said...

Min e nästan klart :)
It's not so bad if you don't mind a lot of ribbing.