Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thank god it's Thursday!

I am so happy the week is just coming to an end. I want to sleep endlessly over the weekend. I don't have anything to do for once :)

Good news! My friend in London had her baby! His name is Harry Robert Tailby and was just born Saturday..He is so adorable. I just hope the knitted baby items I sent will fit him. I'm sure they will.
Her sister is due in September so at some point I have to get back on that baby knitting bandwagon! I'm flying over in August so I'll be not only knitting on the flight, but taking Vicky's baby items with me instead of mailing them like I usually do.

I'm a lot further on this Hemlock blanket than meets the eye. Because of being on circulars, it's bunched up underneath, but I made some headway on it at work today :)
Speaking of work. I love my job because not only can I knit if I'm not busy, but we have a new puppy too and his name is Ernie. He loves laying on my lap and getting his belly rubbed, however today he thought he would play-bite me at the same time. I thought it was funny at first, but those puppy teeth are like razors!

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