Wednesday, April 14, 2010


(Wow, blogger has gone mad on my font)

It's not always a good idea to photograph at work. The fluorescent lights wash everything out...even though I darkened it when taking the picture, but here you have it.

Size: 2T
Needles: Us 5&7
Yarn: Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed - 315.1 yds
Color: 128 Heather *It's like milk chocolate*
Made for: Elijah, my supervisors grandson
Difficulty: Easy as pie
Level of love: Yummy! Squooshy!
This took me 9 days to complete. Not bad!
Also my boss said now she has to get his pictures taken again, and even though he just had them done for Easter, she wants him in this vest! I'm hoping to have a picture of Elijah in it this week :)

On the other hand, I have now started a secret little project for a friend to test knit. I love it so far and trying my best to hurry here so I can get in bed and work on it some more.

I bought some VERY cute things today at knit group tonight...One was, well I'm not sure what it would be for exactly. Kind of like a vase, it's made out of bamboo. You could put your spindle in it, knitting needles, or whatever suits you. Isn't it cute!?

While there I also picked up 3oz of Blue Faced Leicester. I'm going to spin this up for my afghan and have already picked out the next color to spin for the next section. I love how this has some creamy brown mixed in.
And lastly, these needles had came into the store only hours before and I bought 2 pair. I LOVE them! So instead of paying the crazy prices I was for Addi's, I think I'll continue with these from now on, and just buy them as I need them. As if I don't have enough needles now as it is! By the way, these are a dream to knit with. I started using them right away. Highly recommended

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Grand Purl Baa said...

Hey! It's great to BE back.

Now zeez eez a very nice vest. VERY nice. Well done you.