Thursday, April 15, 2010

Let's try again

There was another picture here, however I switched it out because I have a much better one here now, no mistakes, it's all good!
This is the beginning of my test knit for Heather. Yesterday I made a mess of it at work.
So I started over, yes at work. I was asking for it, but I figured because I had been there, I could get there again, but without the mess. And I'm so tired, but I had managed to get at this exact same spot again, only this time it's now I'm going to climb into bed, watch Fringe, and knit some more and hope that tomorrow doesn't bring me another mess of my own doing.

As far as the difficulty of this pattern thus far? Not hard at all :)
I just have to be able to concentrate better when working on it to get it right. Doing it at work? Not a smart idea.

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