Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Well...I think me and shawls just don't agree with each other and I'm not sure why. I can knit pretty much anything I set out to do, but I guess we all have that one 'thing' that just gets us.
I started out ok on this shawl and thought I would have success. Then I noticed a little boo boo that I'm not going to fix because it's for me and well, I had gone too far when I seen it and refuse to go back, it's barely noticeable. Stitch count is right on so I'm gold.

Then I come to the part of picking up stitches along the garter edge. Now you would think I could count and read and understand directions. But I'm the kind of knitter who just grabs the pattern and starts without reading ahead to see what I'm getting into. I glance and say'''oh ok" So first of all I start picking up and knitting twice as many stitches as needed. I realized this after only 2 inches, so no big deal.

Then I start over and pick up and knit halfway down the edge when I look at my paper, and really really read it to see that I'm only supposed to slide my needle through the garter ridge edges down the entire length. Not pick up and knit the garter ridge. It wasn't written this way, but had I read ahead I would have been smart enough to see this.

I now have it on the needles. It's good..for now. Today's mission for me is to read all my instructions before I continue on any further on the shawl. Maybe I'll actually get it right.

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