Thursday, May 13, 2010


Remember about a month ago when I tried to design a shawl and it wasn't really working out for me?

Well maybe it's because I made it too difficult for myself for a first shawl. I've been at it again and finally...finally I think I nailed it. I was talking about dying last night with a woman in my knit group. When I came home I wanted to know how my first dyed yarn looked when knit. I got right on it and next think I knew I was making a shawl...

I scribbled everything down really fast and at the moment it's a small piece, and I realize that I have to go back and start over because I see some changes that I wanted to make. Hopefully this will work out really good for me and I'll get a test knitter or two and I'll have a free pattern to share! I'm really excited.

Edit: The hand dyed yarn took away from the design. I worked out the kinks and am currently re-knitting it with Drops Alpaca. So far so good.

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sheknitupthat said...

Looking good! I often find that a design works from my hands rather than from my head, if that makes sense.