Thursday, May 6, 2010


Work was good today.
Crocheted a lot.
Knitted a little...bummer
All in all I can't complain.

I was eating these yummy little guys though while I crocheted away at some dishclothes and potholders at work...Love love Gummy Bears!

I am realizing two things.
#1 When taking photos at work of projects, leave the light settings on my camera alone.
#2 When taking photos at home after work, don't. It's too dark.

So I had good lighting at work today, messed with the settings, and so here you have it. Bad bad pictures again. When will I learn?

This is a simple co 30 sts and dc the whole thing kind of washcloth.
Made with Sugar n' Cream color: Country Twists.
Size H hook.

I actually went with a pattern here.
Hook H
Sugar n' Cream color: Lime Stripes

This one is partially the pattern above and partially some of my own doing
Sugar n' Cream color: Wine

Sugar n' Cream color: White
Lion Brand, Lion Cotton Solid color: Avocado
Granny Square one side, dc the other, then sc them together.

I used size H hook on all of them and gave them to my co-workers who asked me to make them. I was grateful for this because I'm finding I don't like working with cotton, so I got rid of some by making these..... And crocheting has gotten boring all of a sudden so I was glad these went fast.

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