Friday, May 7, 2010

I was trying to spin last night....

But someone kept walking around my wheel in a blur bumping, rubbing and purring...
Playing with the peddles...looking at me like he's going to make me stop.
In the end I won.

Currently I am working on some springy Corriedale. The staple on this is quite short compared to some others I had before. I am actually wondering if the lady was wrong and if this is really Cormo, as she also had those sheep as well on her farm.

It spins up beautifully. I'm trying to get a dk weight for a sweater.

Looks about right...I think? I'll have to do one of those WPI's to be sure. I seen it somewhere on the internet how you use a pencil..I think. More research!
Eventually Mr. Tipps gave up on trying to destroy what I was doing and just sat in the window watching from there...thank god! Looks innocent doesn't he?


Heather said...

Pretty Kitty :)

Mark a pencil with two marks 1 inch apart. Then wrap your yarn around it so that each turn sits next to the next. Count how many wraps fill between the 1 inch marks. Remember to not pull too tightly as that will stretch the yarn, making it skinnier, and giving you a false reading. It's also best to do this with a sample of yarn that you have washed.

Ms. Kimba said...

Thanks! I thought it had something to do with a pencil.