Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hot,Tired & Broke

The boys and I had so much fun at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, but I almost spent all of my money right away. It was overwhelming for my first fiber festival so it's a good thing my children reminded me how much money I had left. I was there on a mission afterall. I stuck by that mission and anything leftover was free reign on what to buy..and buy I did!

So much had happened, or so it seemed, and the boys and I enjoyed ourselves 100%. But it was hot..very HOT and muggy and after lunch we had enough. The one person I wanted to see but missed, was Connie Tögel and her paintings of sheep. Everything else I accomplished. Vendors got moved and she was in the one area I did not see..figures!

I think I bought enough fleece to keep me entertained for an entire year. I have a lot to clean and card and spin. I got excited when I came home so I cleaned a small batch and started carding & spinning right away. It's so hot out that it dried fast, but I see I have to clean it a bit more, still greasy. I'm learning!

So without writing a book on my day, I'll leave you with a few pictures, and a link to the rest of them HERE if you wish to have a peek!

Barn 6...loaded!

My youngest son,Chandler, in the main barn carrying my lovely 7 pounds of raw Blue Faced Leicester

I swear this guy looks happy! He's so cute :)

1 pound raw Corriedale

10.6 ounces of mixed colors, I thought it was Merino, but it's idea what this is.

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