Tuesday, May 11, 2010


After my mom had passed away, I was going through some of her things.
I had found these K-Tel Knitters.

She showed me once how to use them, but all she did was a chain, then it was forgotten and she put them away. Mom said it was what she used to teach herself how to knit. I did a little research and found a site where it tells you how to use them HERE

I tried to see what year they were made in and the only thing I could find was 1964, so they are at least 46 years old. Could be more but there's not really much out there on the internet about them. I don't think I'll ever knit with them but I am thinking about trying a small chain with one row knit just because I'm curious.

Is there anything really old that you have found that dates back pretty far that nobody even uses anymore?


French Press Knits said...

When I saw them I actually just thought they were some sort of crazy medical device. Keep us posted!

Ms. Kimba said...

haha...yeah they do look that way huh?