Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I'm having a hard time deciding on what I should be doing next. I want to knit about 20 different things all at once, but I know if I start one more thing then nothing will ever get done.

I also have a LOT of wool that needs to be carded. Every evening I sit down and card a bunch of it but the pile just doesn't seem to get smaller. I know I just got it this past weekend and it's going to take some time but wow! It's a lot to card.

I am also kicking myself for not buying the Merino raw fleece instead of the Leicester. I'm guessing there is BFL and then just regular Leicester? Correct me if I'm wrong because I'm still sort of new to this and learning a lot. I'm finding the Leicester to be itchy and not soft like the BFL I bought at my local LYS so I'm guessing there is 2 breeds of the same kind of sheep maybe...research time I guess. So I guess I'll be finding other things to make with my fleece instead of what I had wanted, sweaters.

I also want my stash to get smaller, kind of impossible now, but I did find something cute to crochet! Look HERE.
I have plenty of Cotton Ease and Sugar n' Cream cotton so maybe this could be something to pass the time at work when I have no work :)


Jackie said...

I just found your blog last week I think, and am enjoy all your info as this is new to me also.
I have a wheel and probably need to take a class at my knit shop.

Ms. Kimba said...

Great your getting some information from me. Thats what I hope to do, I just want to help anyone who needs it and learn along with me. I do advise on taking a spinning class as I did too after teaching myself to spin, one year later and something still wasn't right. After i took the class my spinning has improved 100%