Thursday, June 17, 2010

I broke a promise.

To myself that is.
I few posts ago I said I wasn't going to buy anymore wool....
hehe yeah right!

I have an idea in my head for another shawl, and I won't really get a move on with it unless I have the wool I want the finished product to be in. Shame on me. However, it's, merino, cashmere....!!! Seriously, it was a must-have.

Can you blame me?

A whopping 820 yds/hank!!
Plymouth Yarn - Dye For Me - lace weight

Shawls seem to be my thing right now, but eventually I'll have to think of something else....

Oh by the way..if you like knitting socks, then stop over at Heathers blog - Crafty Detour
She has some exciting stuff going on!

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