Sunday, June 20, 2010


Yesterday was an adventure.

It was me and Brad's 2nd anniversary together.

We were meant to go to my friend's house in Gettysburg and eat at a high end restaurant where she works....On the way there we seen that one of the towns we went through was having a community antique show...I about pulled over when Brad said he seen 2 spinning wheels. So went went to my friends house, went to lunch, but didn't stay afterwards because we knew that the antique show would soon be over.

On the way to the antique show, Brad decided to tell my oldest son how I'm a crazy knitter. I wake in the middle of the night talking about how I figured out what I did wrong with my knitting. Or how I wake in the morning, and the first words out of my mouth are about knitting..haha

We headed back and the one wheel was still there but cost a fortune. I ended up with a quilt rack that was so pretty, and because the woman didn't want to pack it back up, she gave it to me for $5!!!! I about fell over and took it.

On the way home after that, I decided I wanted to stop by The Mannings since we were right there, they were about to close, but it didn't take me long to grab what I wanted. This beautiful hank of Cascade Heritage sock yarn in the colorway Cerulean. I even found some pins that Brad said suited me well. One says "Spinning, because knitting isn't weird enough" And the othe says "I was a nice girl before I started all this knitting" And Brad said that one was the most true..haha

So afterwards, we continued on our way past my house and into the city to take my oldest son to his dads. The way I drive leaving the city I always pass the ballpark. People were pouring in and I asked Brad to roll the window down and ask someone when the game starts. It was in an hour.

I asked him if he wanted to go on a spur of the moment thing. He said no because he wanted to eat. I said he could eat there and he said no because he wants to watch York and Lancaster play when he does go to a game there....we turn the corner and go about 3 blocks when he opens the newspaper he had with him, and sure enough York and Lancaster were playing. I made a u-turn and into the game we went.
It was my treat to him for our Anniversary as he LOVES baseball. (He plays twice a week after work with a team)


Game almost over.....

When the game was over it was pretty late....We went straight to bed as when we left in the morning we didn't see home again until almost 10pm...whew!
Now that it's morning and I have a fresh start, it's time to knit!!!

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Jackie said...

sounds like a fun day!