Sunday, June 13, 2010

I've been busy this weekend...

Spinning, and spinning more fleece & roving into yarn,
Filling up all of my bobbins slowly one by one,
Taking turns with colors in the middle of filling up a bobbin so as not to get bored.
(Unknown wool in orange - Merino in deep purple)

This is part of a challenge to get as much of my fleece & rovings spun up as I possibly can this weekend. If I challenge myself like this every weekend, then I'll have it all done soon and will be able to finally knit something with it...
(unknown wool in purple/blue mix)

Like perhaps a pair of Frankensocks!!!
(Some raw Cormo fleece purchased at Md. S&W: will be dyed-not sure what color yet)

1 comment:

SylverX said...

You do seem to be spinning quite a bit! It's nice to see that you're getting action from that wheel. :D