Friday, June 11, 2010

Little poem by me

I knit in the summer,
I knit in the spring,
I knit all year round,
cause' this is my "thing"

I like to knit with cotton,
and I like to knit with wool,
but cotton is best in summer,
because it keeps you cool.

I have so many needles,
my yarn stash fills the house,
and when I go out somewhere,
a project I do not go without.

The scent of fleece is a wonderful smell,
and if you don't think so.....
then you're dumb as h*ll.


sheknitupthatball said...

Oh well done! That's really catchy!

SylverX said...

I love the last verse! I actually like the smell of wet wool . . .

Ms. Kimba said...

thnx :)