Saturday, July 24, 2010

Going places....

Some of you may know that I am in the process of moving.
By the end of next weekend I will be in my new home.
Today we did a little fixing up and it was sooo sooo hot!

But I found a place just for me.

A place to sit and look at the river through the trees from my front porch......
A place that looks cozy (and will be even more so after I have everything in)
A place for me to knit.....

And the best part about the move? I'm going to have my own craft room! YAY!
I'm in love.


Frida said...

Wow! That house looks so beautiful! What a stone wall and lovely porch!

Jackie said...

The porch looks inviting!
I have my own sewing room off my kitchen. I can sit and knit with a view of the birds in the feeder.

Ms. Kimba said...


The chairs aren't mine, so I'll be replacing them with a rocking chair and a few comfy seats, but I sat there for awhile yesterday and it just felt right.

I wanted to dig out the knitting, then realized I didn't have any with me cuz I was busy cleaning up the inside..darn! lol

Carmelknits said...

it's wonderful!! I love a good front porch!! What a great place :)
Congratulations on the new place!!

Maja said...

Very nice :)