Tuesday, August 17, 2010

An Fo...finally

Well I have accomplished a few things in between unpacking and the like....

I finished the baby blanket that I made for my boss's 6th child, finally a boy!

It is 90% made out of my hand spun yarn, (dyed by Tina, spun by me)
The other 10% I bought...that would be the white yarn....
I was sooo happy to finally finish it and show it to the soon to be new daddy. His face was something I've never seen. My boss was speechless. He knew the lengths that I had gone through to make this for his soon to be son. I told him I had hand spun then crocheted it all by my lonesome...I had a very proud moment.

Then I told him he couldn't have it just yet. He laughed and I said I was excited to show him, but it needs washed, then it's all his, and I'll make it all pretty & wrapped for Angie because let's face it...girls like it to look pretty.

So as I took the above photo this evening on my front porch, some passers-by giggled and snorted and I refrained from throwing my crochet hook at them. Knitting needles through the eyes would have been better but I have control...it's all about self control.

happy knitting!


sheknitupthat said...

It must be so lovely to have such a beautiful project from your own handspun :D

Ms. Kimba said...

It is thank you :) and she loved it so that was the best part.