Saturday, August 14, 2010

I have been so quiet lately on the homefront.
We have been busy unpacking from the move, installing a bathroom...
and doing everything else that has to be done around here.

So knitting took a back seat. Yesterday at work I finally picked it back up because it was the first time in awhile that I even had time to do it there. I'm working on a baby sweater called Maile. I know two women who are having babies right now that don't know the sex, and I'm wishing that at least one of them has a girl. (then the sweater will have a home.)

I'm also working on a handspun baby blanket for my boss as his wife is having a baby boy after having already 5 girls! I need more yarn but I think I will purchase it instead of spin it as I'm running outta time.

I will post pictures soon. My high speed internet is slower than dial up after the move and after wednesday I'll have new service, so then I can get some good knitting pictures loaded up.

Happy Knitting!

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