Monday, August 30, 2010


Well it's Monday again and another start to a new week.
I don't see any Fo's coming my way anytime soon because I have started too many projects.

However, I am still under my limit for the goals I have set for myself, and because of how busy I am, I am happily going along just finishing up the items that I have started.

Items I have on the needles as of today:
Ailbe Mittens - I'm half way through the first one.
Crocus Sweater (2 of them) - one of them newly started, the 2nd is just getting it's sleeves.
Andrea's Shawl - over halfway done.
Whole Wheat Cardigan - I just really started this, on the first section, it's seamed. (ugh!)
Handspun Granny Blanket - only item being crocheted - Halfway done.

I will soon have to start another project as I should soon have the yarn from Three Irish Girls, and they will give me a deadline so that will have to be first.

Other than that I do need to soon start on a simple ribbed had for a friend of mine in Sweden as he has been asking for one since last winter, and it's already quite cold over there so...I need to get on the move!

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Carmelknits said...

you should do the AF knockoff hat! super bulky yarn, size 15 needles takes 1 could crank out a ton of them at work!!