Saturday, August 28, 2010


It's been a busy weekend already.
My bathroom is almost finished and I have the ceramic tile and mosaic tile that will go on the floor all ready to go. The tub is being put in tonight, and for me this is a perfect end to a great Saturday, even though it's 10pm and the boys are still up there hard at work.

We took a break earlier because we were invited to a Bbq, and so we went after working on the bathroom for most of the day. It was nice to relax for a little while.

Friday night while the guys tore into the bathroom, I sat in the living room for the first time in my new home and really sat down and watched the tv, and knitted as if I didn't have a care in the world.

Even though the whole time all I heard was drilling and pounding, I still knitted.

I couldn't even hear the tv show I was watching, but I knit on.

And though I knew that my kitchen ceiling tiles were removed, and I could hear pieces from the floor upstairs were being dropped all over my clean kitchen, I knitted.

I knitted without a care in the world of what was going on around me and made some progress on my Whole Wheat Cardigan

I'm really enjoying this pattern. It's simple and the chart is easy to memorize. I'm knitting it on straight needles because my circulars are being used at the moment, but they work....

And tonight? I won't be knitting, because I know the moment I pick up those needles while the guys are setting in my bathtub, making all kinds of crazy noise....cursing all sorts of obscenities, that regardless of what's going on around me, I will for sure fall asleep, and probably mess up my new sweater, drop stitches, make the wrong stitch etc have a great weekend, happy knitting...I, my dear friends, am going to bed.

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