Friday, September 10, 2010

Good Morning Friday

Things in the knitting world are moving along just nicely.
I put a stop to knitting my sweater to work on a secret project that will soon be published...October I think they told me. It's going really fast so hopefully soon enough I will be back on the sweater track for the cold weather that snuck up on me.

In other news I have a scarf pattern that I will soon release. I had originally submitted it to Interweave Knits and I got turned down. I knew it wasn't good enough. It needed something else. So I asked a friend, Carmel, and she gave me a great idea and I ran off with it.

Currently she is working on test knitting it for me and I will be doing the same. (soon as I get some of my secret project done!)

Once we are both done and I work out any bugs that might be in it I will put it up as a free pattern. I'm guessing the end of September beginning of October for this one too.

I'm loving the fact that weather is getting cold now. It's a perfect time for those wonderful aran knits. What is the one project you have been waiting all summer to work on for this cold weather thats just sneaking up on us? Mine is the Whole Wheat Cardigan.

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Carmelknits said...

I'm going to make Emmaline from Knitty Summer in Lambs Pride Bulky!