Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I have to set my current projects on the side today. It sort of bums me out a bit because I was actually starting to make some real progress on the cardigan I was making for myself. The weather is taking a turn for the cooler side now in the evenings and I want to be able to wear it soon. However, the days are still hot so for now it's ok to sit on the side for just a wee bit.

My dad came to my house for a visit yesterday and he had 2 packages for me. One from Interweave Knits saying I didn't make it along with my swatch and papers that I had sent to them. It's ok. I had a feeling it wasn't good enough. I'll now find a test knitter besides myself and self publish my pattern.

The other package was from another place that I had sent a submission to and had gotten in. It was the yarn they had dyed for me. I was so excited to see it! They asked me what sort of colors(s) I wanted for my project as in the end I would get it back when they were done. I told them and viola! It's perfect. It's on the hush n' hush as I can't say who, what and so on...but I am so excited to share it with you when it's released.

I can say however that the yarn is merino & cashmere...Oooooooooo....! It's like butter in my fingers. As soon as I opened the package I printed out my pattern, wound the hanks into balls of yarn and cast on. Oh how I wish I could show you how beautifully they had dyed my yarn...soon soon!

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Eva i Halmstad said...

Hej igen
Visst är de knepigt och skoj på samma gång.
JAg har en hög med tallrikar som legat i skåpet, men nu ska jag börja använda dom.
Saker mår bra av att användas.

Må gott på dej