Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm in love...

Thanks to a friend who posted about a certain cardigan on her website, I fell in love right away and knew I had to buy it.

Actually I didn't buy it, but those of you who purchased some of my patterns bought it for me :)
Nice to have money on account with

So Hanna Fettig has done it again. This time with her Effortless Cardigan. It's me...I would so wear this, it is just the style I like. It's just me to a T.

Right now I am going through my Whole Wheat cardigan like it's a dream, and when thats done? I'm casting on for Hannah's new design. Can't wait to get started. Got to love the fall knitting season!

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Carmelknits said...

HA! It is wonderful isn't it!!