Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy Holidays

The Christmas season is closing in fast upon us.
I hear a lot of people saying how they are not done shopping yet and others are almost there.
I finished about 2-3 weeks ago, but I do keep finding things when I'm out, and I buy yet another gift for my boys.

I know a lot of you knitters are giving the gift of something special and something handmade. Nothing can replace that ever. What we can't forget is that the most important part of Christmas is giving oneself and being together with friends and family.
Every Christmas is a special time of year, sometimes it can be a sad one. For me it's about remembering. This will be my 2nd Christmas & birthday without my mom. I reflect on how she would be reacting right now to the tree being up. I remember growing up how she always wrapped my birthday presents in Christmas paper and it was so frustrating. Looking back now, I actually miss that.

She always was so excited about the entire holiday in general. I just wish she was here to share it with us. Since she isn't here I have to tell myself that she is an angel that sits on top of my tree, looking down and smiling at everyone. Thanks mom for all the wonderful Christmas's and the 35 years of life I wouldn't have had without you.

I hope everyone has a very happy-knitterly holiday and may the best come to you and yours.


Frida said...

God jul!
I just wanted to say, my sisters birthday is on the 25th and I always take special care to wrap her present in a more birthdayier paper.

Swapnil said...

nice tree infact its Fabulous. By the way--Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year