Friday, December 17, 2010

Running behind

Lately I have finished a few items on my knit list, but haven't had much time to post them.
So today I am going to play catch up.

All of these items are things I have started & finished in the past week.
(starting from top; left to right)

Pretty Snowflake by: Julie A. Bolduc (for gift exchange at my LYS)
Basic Hats** by: Me (for my co-worker Lee, and also for co-worker Tugger)
Baby Socks** by: Me (for co-worker/friend Jessica's unborn baby)
Urban Necessity Gloves by: Colleen Michele Meagher (for a co-workers friend)

** (currently there is no pattern, however I will be writing these up as free Ravelry downloads)

Below are 2 more of the hats that I have made for the little Londoner's

Zara wearing the hat designed just for her:
Zara (Purchasable on Ravelry)
And little Leo wearing Modern Rib Hat by: Susan B. Anderson

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