Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year!

2010 has brought some good and not so good times in my life.

1: I got accepted into Knit Picks magazine & Three Irish Girls for my knitting designs.
2: My oldest son came back home to live.
3: I moved into my own house with an awesome view of the river. (right across the street, literally!)
4: My house got renovated.
5: My friend Jessica had a baby 3 1/2 days ago (Milania Annilee) and I got to hold her today!

1: I had knitting deadlines.
2: My house got (and still not done)
3: I missed showing my mom all the great things I've accomplished. It's been one year without her.

Things to look forward to in 2011:
1: I'm flying overseas in March to hang out with one of my favourite persons, meet someone who's inspired me at a knit & craft show, and watch The Script play live in concert at the O2...all in beautiful London.
2: More knitting submissions & hopefully get accepted into Interweave Knits.
3: My oldest son will be 16 and ready to drive...exciting!!!

Things not to look forward to in 2011:
1: My oldest son will be 16 and ready to drive, and he will begin grade 11 in the fall....scary!
2: I will turn 36, one year closer to being officially old.
3: Another year without my mom.

I hope 2010 was everything you wanted it to be,
I also hope that 2011 becomes everything you wish for and more.

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Susan said...

LOL.... 36 isn't "old", but I do feel your pain with that. I had a "mid-life-crisis" when I was 30 and decided to get a cute small tattoo to make me feel young! Craziness I know... oh, guess I should mention now I'm a month away from turning 42, glad the crisis is over! All the best to you and your family in 2011. (from a stranger who slipped in using the 'next blog' feature!)