Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Olympia Stitch & Craft show, London

Some of the goodies I purchased at the Stitch & Craft show at Olympia in London I could have bought here back in the states. However, the price difference astounded me. Addi Turbo's were HALF the cost of what I pay here at home, and the same goes for this first picture of Arucunia yarn. I'm thinking socks since that seems to be my thing of choice to make right now.

Next I have some hand dyed Merino-Mohair that I will spin up. Hoping to also become some socks.

After meeting Loani, the Queen of the Tea Cosies, I promptly went to buy her book and she signed it for me. I was one happy girl as I have waited ages to meet her. The moment I seen her I walked up to her and said "Loani?" and she said "Ms Kimba, Kimberly?" haha..Let me say that there is nothing better than someone as great as her recognising you. Must have been my american accent that gave me away. This book of hers is amazing. I love it and now I need her newest one as well.

Of course whilst there I met some Swedes. I have been dying to get my hands on this book, so to meet the ladies who made it really made my day. It also gave me a chance to brush up on my Swedish.

This all happened on the day after I arrived in London. The rest of my stay was just as fabulous as this.

I did finish a pair of socks for my sister too while abroad!
Happy Knitting!

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Luvvie said...

Fabulous wool and yes, I've been interested in that Millamia book too...such great photos and design...they're a good mob Millamia...I had a problem with a ball of wool and they replaced it straight away.....glad you got to meet the Queen of the Tea Cosies...she's pretty special isn't she....sounds like you had a great time...we pay a lot for wool here too..I'm thinking of ordering a bit online now just to save money.