Friday, April 1, 2011

While in London....

I did a lot of things, yarn shopping was one of them as by now you know....

Normally I'm not the 'tourist'
I'd rather hang low and do what the locals do and just enjoy it. But I was very happy for many reasons to actually be a tourist for once.

Who knew that Tower Bridge was so beautiful in person?

Big Ben & the Houses of Parliament...I've waited my entire life, literally, to see this. I was gob-stopped and emotional inside over finally getting my sights on it. When we walked up to it, I didn't want to leave. I'll never forget how amazing it was.

Windsor Castle.....very beautiful inside.

I have too many photos to share so I'll leave it at this.

Happy Knitting & Happy Friday!!


Perfect Virgo said...

London is an amazing city. Sadly it's likely to be a couple of years before I can go again. I was there in January and it rained mostly. Looks like you had great weather!

Ms. Kimba said...

The weather was amazing!