Thursday, September 29, 2011


This is a bit off subject here, but Sunday I am doing a Cancer Benefit ride on my motorcycle. It's 70 miles long (not far really) I thought I would collect more donations then I did. One other person besides myself is all I have. I feel tempted to guilt trip people but that's not the way to go. It is what it is.

The ride on Sunday is the 2nd anniversary of my mothers death. I'm decorating my bike out in teal ribbons (her cancer colors) and hope to make the ride a successful one. It's going to be a cold one so I will be wearing some hand-knitted items for sure.

In other news, I have started Wood Hollow Mitts by Kirsten Kapur. I'm only on the ribbing and I LOVE them already. The twisted rib makes them stand out even in their teeny tiny knitted state.

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