Friday, October 21, 2011


I'm thinking it's time to get some test knitters before we continue on for the book. I'm currently re-knitting my design for the third time to be sure, but it's easy for me to not see something. "They" will be contacting me in November so we can get started. I will be one of only so many designers featured. I am stoked!

When they give me the green light I will spill the beans, as for now it's all hush hush.

Once this is done, then I can finally get a move on finishing up another design that's been sitting on the back burner. It will be a personal pattern available on Ravelry. It's taken longer than I had wanted but it is what it is. Summer slowed me down because I felt the need to spend more time outdoors.

It's Friday though, so the weekend is upon us. Happy Knitting!

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