Sunday, October 30, 2011


And so it begins.
Holiday knitting.

This on top of everything else I have deadlines for. I just hope I can get everything done in time. The good thing? My holiday knitting is all small items because for the most part I will be buying gifts.

Currently I am trying to whip out an Aviatrix hat for my friend/co-workers daughter as she told me Milania has no winter hat. And it snowed yesterday so I am going to hopefully be done today and can give it to her tomorrow at work!

This is my progress so far. I am using Cascade 220 Sport

I also have a pair of fingerless gloves in the making for my boyfriend because he requested them. So he will have them for Christmas. He also requested a cardigan but that will have to be a birthday gift. There's no way I can have one done in time for the holidays...

He wants this one
And I happen to have the book so this makes it so much more easier.

Happy Knitting!

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