Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Christmas Sweater

I'm getting there slowly but surely....
I (hope) will be done by Christmas because I would like to wear this to lunch.

I have the second sleeve part of the way done right now. On the first sleeve I knit to the wrist, then rolled the edge to make it a 3/4 sleeve. I was tempted to do the extra long sleeve, but because I had started the ribbing where it had instructed me to, it would look dumb. I was not going back to add more cables once I had gotten so far.

I am praying for a miracle that I can get the second sleeve done tomorrow at work, and in the evening after I get the kids home and settled. I will also have Saturday to work on it. If I could have just the ribbing around the fronts and collar on Saturday, I think it would be possible to be done on time.

I have never in my life knit a sweater so fast. 
Nor have I ever wanted a sweater so bad either.
I am aware there is a mistake in the upper body portion. 
At this point I don't care.

I will be knitting another one of these for myself.
I will not make the same mistake twice.
I will not have time to block it.
I will do so after the Christmas lunch.

Happy Knitting!

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