Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I've been very quiet!

I haven't really had much to say lately as knitting has sort of taken a back seat. I am currently enrolled in college trying to make my future a bit more brighter.
The school work is overloading me which means I cannot knit.

However, I am on a 2 week break which is about to end in a matter of days. So what did I do? I picked up my needles and started a pair of socks that I have been dying to knit. 

Ivy Trellis socks by Alana Dakos

As you can see I did not get very far. I only had just picked these up 6 days ago, but I do work full time and I am in the process of moving house soooo...I think I did ok so far!

I am really enjoying these. I have noticed, along with others, that the instructions for the heel are a bit odd. BUT, I do think knitting with the magic loop was part of my problem. Maybe I wouldn't have been so confused by the P1 bit at the beginning of the heel flap. I did figure out where I will need to start knitting for the top of the foot. I am off by two stitches but I figured out how to fudge it and get the sock back on track :)

I began this sock by casting on with the Italian Tubular Cast-on. I was excited to try it and it was sooo simple! It made my cuff look store bought. Though, I was a bit short on the length of my cuff, but it still works ( I got too excited to start the leg!). I started the cuff on a size 1 needle then switched to a #2 for the body of the sock. Many complained it would be too small otherwise. I went back to a #1 for the heel and as soon as that is done, back to a #2 for the rest of the foot.

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