Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Happy Wednesday

I have been working on a sock since the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival last year, May 2014.....
The design is quite interesting and easy to work.
The sock yarn is so soft and will be cozy on my feet when I'm finished.

I know...It's been almost a year since I started knitting them, but I am now working on closing up all projects that I have started. As I said in my last post, I was going to clean up my long list of WIP's and cut it down to only a few. I went from about 12 or 13 projects to about 6. 

A few months ago I picked up a cute Bento bag from a yarn store in Philly called Loop, sooooo.....I am going to keep two projects at a time in my Bento bag and work on those exclusively until they are done, then work on the next two. That's the plan!

Here's a peek at my sock and the heel that I am over halfway closing (as of last night). I chose the orange because I thought it would be fun to make them very colorful!

The stitch pattern is a very simple k2, yo, k2, slip yo over the last k2; repeat.
Simple, yes?
And it gives great texture.

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Irina said...

The whole 2 projects at a time exclusively is a great idea, Kim! I'm trying to finish UFOs this year too. I decided that I would knit one new project, as long as I could finish a UFO. So far so good, just have to keep my motivation.