Tuesday, July 31, 2007

You've got to see this!!!

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I never laughed so much in my life!

Anyways, besides that, I just took a pic of these flowers that my in-laws have growing here because I thought they were pretty. Except the one sunflower looks a little...sad.

We had sun today..AND it was my day off..woohoo, 'bout damn time too! I am sick of rain..... I even got to go pick more blueberries today with Paul and make a cobbler out of it. Was really good. All except the fact that we got eaten alive by mosquitos, and also the fact I found 2 ticks on me...ehhh! I seen deer tracks in the forest and also I am most sure one was moose tracks. It was HUGE!! I'm terrified one day I might see a moose..hehe..seriously though! I'm scared of them.

I seen something black and white too in the forest. I think it might of been a skunk, but not sure, it was too fast. Paul seen a mouse....I heard a bird flapping its wings near me at this one spot we were at, and because I am terrified, I thought maybe it was a moose flapping its ears against his head, you know, to shake flies off of it? I dunno, but after a few seconds I realized I was being stupid. Oh, also I seen an ant-hill. Now because I had never seen one in my life before I didn't know, not until Paul told me. Well naturally I had to go investigate.....with a stick..hehe...lets pray for those who died in the massacre...

So anyways, within seconds I had so many crawling up my shoes and pants. I freaked, did a little shreek, and tried to climb up the rock to paul...but like a dumb-ass I slipped. I got them all off of course...but there was thousands of them!!! The hill was at least as high as my hips..eeeshh!...He told me they get bigger then that. For some reason I thought ant-hills only existed in Africa or something...I dunno why. But anyways, their little hill got smushed a few times, or poked I should say, with my stick...and I stood there poking at it saying 'Where's the queen? Let's find the queen!'...yeah. I wonder how many I killed? Those little feckers are quick!


Old Knudsen said...

I wonder if God grabs a stick and pokes the earth to cause earthquakes etc.

Mrs CeCrux said...

I dunno...I doubt it though. i think he would rather sit back an laugh and push it with his foot or something and say 'hehe lets see how this gets them riled up'

I'm sure he does!

Maja said...

I cannot believe you have never seen an anthill before! Don't you have ants in pennsylvania? We have stacks of them in australia. Every day i find at least one ant in my room at work (must be lost).

Anonymous said...

afraid of a moose!?
you must be joking!?

I can tell you that the moose i more afraid of you

Anonymous said...

There isn´t any skunks in sweden.
maybe in zoo, not in the wild anyway.