Thursday, August 2, 2007

La Tortura

I happen to like Shakira, so what? I think the video of la Tortura is cool, but also a little embarrasing to watch certain parts of it. She can dance really well, but a lot of that is due to whoever her choreographer is too..Poor girl, It's a wonder her hips haven't fallen off of her yet! I also think she has changed a lot since she first came out. I also think it was a good pairing with her and Alejandro Sanz, especially seeing as thats not his normal type of music to sing, or hers for that matter. I think they were awesome and I just LOVE both of their voices! Anyways if you want to watch the video just watch it here

If your a big pu$$y and a little afraid of watching her moves, you can watch the baby version here

By the way, the song is in spanish but it doesn't take away the fact it's good. It's about him and her being ex's and apparently he screwed up, he calls her his love and wants her back but she says she is not a fool. That's pretty much it.

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Old Knudsen said...

I've got dial up, it doesn't mean I'm scared to watch it. I think the gurl has um talent.